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Academic coaching: Coaching your child to be a better student

Many students are frustrated, overwhelmed, overworked and stressed. These negative

emotional states are not conducive to top performance and good learning. Our students

today are trying to navigate a constantly changing world that presents new challenges

around every corner and we need to provide them with the support and tools they need to


When we think about coaches most often, we think of sports. Professional athletes and

sports teams have coaches who are able to take them where they could not go on their

own. Their coaches help them to improve their skills, identify their weakness and make

improvements in order to achieve great success. We need to start seeing our students as

professional students who need to perform in order to open up doors of opportunity for

themselves in their future. Imagine if our students had their very own academic coach

helping them achieve success in their academics.

Coaching them and training them how to learn best, identify where they are holding themselves back and empowering to remove blocks and barriers and achieve all the results they desire.

In our modern world our students need more support than ever before but this support

needs to be both time and cost effective. With Ascend Whole Brain Learning we teach

students effective ways of how to learn combined with academic coaching that develops

them as whole human beings who are confident, productive and happy as they strive to

achieve their desires.

Our students are our future and we need to empower them to be the best they can be so

they can create phenomenal opportunities in their lives and grow up to be happy, healthy

and well adapted adults.

Candice Preston

Academic Coach and Whole Brain Learning Teacher

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