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Lessons from Lockdown

For years many people have complained about their everyday lives from having to go to

work, to grocery shopping, traffic and dealing with people. Students have complained about

school, teachers and learning. It seems as though the wish to be at home has been granted. So

now what? We have been given the luxury of open time and now we have the freedom of

choice. We get to choose what we will fill each moment with. However, we are restricted.

We are bound to our homes and to connect with only those who live with us. So what are you

missing most about your normal life?

Are you missing friends and colleagues? Informal chats about the weekend happenings? Are

you missing routine and structure? Perhaps purpose and meaning? Do you miss having things

to do that fill your time? Do you miss freedom of movement and the ease of access to all the

things you want?

 For me, I miss engaging with my students in person. I miss the atmosphere of the school. I

miss coaching netball and working with my team. I miss being able to go to the shop and just

stroll around. But, I have found a new appreciation and enjoyment in other things. I am really

enjoying using technology to engage with my students. I am enjoying the freedom to create

my own work day structures and routines. I love spending time with my Mom and being able

to be in each others company. I also am enjoying the discipline that has come with not being

able to go out whenever I please and having to practice self-control.

Lockdown has given me a new appreciation for the way my life was as well as an

appreciation for the fact that it will never be exactly the same again. I have changed as the

world has changed and I have discovered new ways of doing things and new ways of being. I

feel more connected to what is really important in life whilst realizing how vulnerable we are

as human beings. Brené Brown believes our vulnerability to be strength and I agree with her

but in these times, I believe that the strength comes through working together to rebuild our

new lives.

 Lockdown lessons has also included paying more attention to good news and preparing in

advance instead of sticking my head in the sand. I have never been one for the news but I

realize its importance in our lives. If I had paid better attention to constructive news I believe

I could have taken better steps early on in this crisis that may have helped in a variety of

ways. On the other side, turning off the bad news, media hysteria and social media chatter has

been of value in a different way too.

 I am sure that you have learnt a lot through this lockdown so far and I am positive that we

will continue to be learning for a while to come. I feel a sense of optimism for what is to

come coupled with anxiety because it is all so unknown. 

 I would love to hear what you have learnt and what you have missed most during this time.

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