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The Power of Education

B.B. King famously said that “the beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away

from you.” We were born to learn. From the time we are born we have an innate curiosity

about the world and an innate need to develop our skills, abilities and talents. We strive to

grow, to learn and to succeed in our world. We are naturally programmed to want more for

ourselves and our families and to become the best we can in order to experience as much

happiness as possible in this one beautiful life we are given.

I believe that through learning we challenge ourselves to think and grow as individuals and

in doing so we experience a greater level of happiness in our lives. Through education we

are able to create our own purpose and add value and impact to the world in various ways

and leave our mark on this world.

As like many others, I know education is the key to a better way of thinking, a better way of

acting and a better way of living. There are many forms of education and learning and it is

up to us to explore these ways and find the ways that work best for us. Learning is the

greatest endeavor and one that stays with us forever. We learn from our failures, our

successes, our shortcomings, our family, friends, enemies and communities. Learning can be

formal, informal, traditional or modern.

One of the many advantages of being alive today is that you have a world of learning

opportunities available to you through online sources, books and courses. You can learn

about any topic, at any level and in any part of the world thanks to the exponential growth

of technology. Knowledge is easily accessible, and we can learn anything from anyone at any


This is a huge advantage, but we must also be careful as not all learning is equal. You could

learn how to bake a cake but if you are learning the wrong method your result is always

going to be poor. Not only could you learn the wrong thing but perhaps the old way of doing

things has changed forcing you to need to unlearn what you previously learnt and then

learn a new way.

Albert Einstein famously said that “Education is not the learning of facts…But training the

mind to think” and in a world where we have an abundance of information it will be our

ability to think that will make the biggest difference. Now that you have access to so much

knowledge and information you will need to choose carefully and keep improving your

thinking skills in order to critically evaluate what learning will serve you and what won’t. You

will need to think differently, think better and think often in order to use the knowledge you

have to effectively add value in your own unique way.

This may seem like a daunting process at first but it is a fun one. Learning about how you

think and challenging yourself to think differently can be extremely beneficial. Not only will

training your mind to think enable you to find solutions to problems others do not see but it

will provide you with an abundance of opportunities in a changing world.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you discover how you think and

learn how to develop your thinking abilities then visit our website or send me an email today

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