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Words to shift your life with

On my morning run I was inspired by Lewis Howes and Maris Peer as I listened to the School

of Greatness podcast. They spoke about the power of the words we choose and how they

affect how we behave and live our lives. Maris spoke about how our interpretation of

events leads to the way we feel about them and choose to act because of them. I have

learnt about the power of our words and thoughts but this podcast gave me an a-ha

moment and the idea became that much clearer in my head.

I have also been reading Gay Hendricks book “The Big Leap” where I have been exploring my

Upper Limit Problem and the idea of how the words I choose and how I interpret events can

limit me became so clear. I really appreciate these moments of clarity and enjoy feeling the

shift in the way I think and act because of them.

I wanted to share this with you because perhaps you are limiting yourself in your own life

because of the words you are choosing. What do you find yourself saying about your health,

your job, your partner? How could the words you are choosing and phrases you use time

and time again holding you back from achieving all the greatness you desire.

This is something that bugs me a lot. The fact that I only get one life and one shot and that I

might be holding myself back instead of living fully. I want to live the best life I can as I am

sure you do but it is not always as easy and clear cut as it sounds. However, I have come to

find that by learning and improving I am gaining the chance to live the closest thing to my

best life. It is in those moments of clarity where things I have heard before or know on a

basic level become so clear and “sink in” that I realise I am moving one step closer to my


I encourage you to listen to the podcast and to pick up a copy of Gay’s book so that you too

can explore how the words you are using can radically shift the way you life your life and

overcome the ways you may be limiting yourself. This is your one life and you have

everything you need to make it phenomenal.

Thank you to Lewi Howes, Maris Peer and Gay Hendricks for sharing their knowledge and

experience and making our lives better each day.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Helen Keller

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