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Top Tips for levelling up as a student

Our dynamic and crazy world has taught us how important it is to commit to being an avid

learner. Things change so quickly and this demands that we change and adapt and learn to

stay relevant and to stay successful. Education is the most powerful tool we have to adapt

to changing times and to take actions that empower us in our lives.

We are all students and will always be students. Whether you are pursuing education in

formal schooling or you are exploring alternative channels for learning it is vital that you

have the best method for learning to ensure that what you learn you remember and apply

effectively. So I ask, how do you learn? What methods and tools do you use to ensure that

you learn what you want to and achieve the results you want?

If you are like many students studying and examinations are the great pain point of learning.

These topics bring up feelings of frustration and overwhelm. However, they do not need to

be this painful. Did you know that there are different methods of learning that can actually

make studying easier, enjoyable and effective leading you to obtain the best results you can

and create new and exciting opportunities in your own life? Of course there are and I am

here to teach them to you.

Tips for levelling up as a student:

1. Improve memory

Memory is the foundation of all learning and yet most of us neglect this vital life skill. We

fall prey to voice notes, Google and diaries and forgot to keep developing our ability to

remember. Did you know that our brains have unlimited storage capacity and that we have

long-term memory? We have the ability to remember vast amounts of information over

long periods of time. There are many ways to enhance your memory and it is important to

keep working your “memory muscle”. So step one in becoming a better student is to

improve your memory.

2. Simplify

Albert Einstein said that “if you cannot explain it simply you do not understand it well

enough.” You need to practice converting all the content you need to learn into its simplest

form and in doing so you will understand it better as well. Second step would be to imagine

you are teaching a young child and explain your work to them using simple language anyone

could understand.

3. Find a method that works

No, cramming and learning off by heart are not effective methods and are definitely not

long-term strategies if you are to be a top performing academic. You have the potential to

be a top student and achieve the results you desire. Why? Because top results mean more

opportunities for your future. Better universities, scholarships, overseas studies, job offers,

business partners and definitely improved thinking ability enabling you to see solutions to

problems others do not see. An effective method that ignites long-term memory and

develops higher order thinking is Ascend’s Whole Brain Learning methods. These study

methods enable you to learn how you learn best by using simple to use and effective

methods that help you improve your results and confidence as a student. Third, find a

method that works well.

4. Get a coach to help you reach you unlock your highest potential

Finally, think of yourself as a professional student. Professional athletes and even executives

in top companies know the value of having their own coach to help take them where they

could not go on their own. An academic coach can assist you in assessing your learning

methods, tackling any self-imposed limits and inspiring you to strive to be and do more in

your life and career. Lastly, leverage the power of a coach.

Endeavoring to be a better student is valuable as it teaches you vital life skills such as grit,

organization and thinking quickly under pressure. Education teaches you to think better and

when you think better you are able to make better choices in your life and create a happier

and more successful life for yourself and your family. When you are a top student you have

more doors of opportunity open to you and your world expands tenfold. I am passionate

about learning and coaching other students to be the best they can whilst unlocking their

innate potential. If you are a student wanting to take your ability to the next level and

improve the results you are getting or if you are a teacher or principal looking to give your

students an advantage please visit our website or email me

today for more information

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