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Reconnect with your mission

It feels as though all of our focus this year has been on the pandemic and the effect it has

had on our world. It has been a big deal in all of our lives and one that should not be taken

lightly but we should not forget to also focus on the things we want to create in our futures.

What is your mission? What is your vision and where do you want to be 12 months from


This past week I was inspired to join the incredible Tony Robbin’s as he hosted hundreds of

thousands of people from all over the world in the Comeback Challenge on Facebook. Over

seven days Tony spoke about key areas of our lives that we need to empower in order to

experience greater success, happiness, joy and love. It was a great experience and arrived at

an excellent time in our world. Each one of us has felt the impact of this pandemic in a

variety of ways and we need support, encouragement and inspiration. Tony reminded me to

focus on my mission and shift my focus in a positive way.

Each day’s training left me feeling more empowered, happier and more grateful and it had

me think about how amazing this would be to have in schools. Imagine each student in

South Africa having the opportunity to be empowered by one of the greatest success

coaches of all time. Imagine a world where each student is connected with this kind of


I envision connecting students with information that will inspire them to dream bigger,

empower the multiple areas of their lives and lead happier, more loving and fulfilled lives.

Together with the support of my Mom I began my own journey to finding a way to connect

students with this information and to empower them earlier on in their lives to help them

create real success. Focusing on my mission helped me to shift my energy and focus away

from my fears and worries and place them on the things I need to do to help others and add

value where I can.

So perhaps you need to shift your own focus and remind yourself of your own mission and

vision. Maybe now is the time to reconnect with your future self and realign your actions

with creating that. I would love to hear from you. What is your mission? Your vision? What

do you want to spend your time focusing on and creating in our world? It is important to

know what is going on in the world but it is equally as important to focus on the things you

want and work towards achieving these.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Stay safe, stay inspired and reconnect!

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